T2H EXPORT WEBGL update to v0.9.6

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What's new in v0.9.6.

Mapping Textures and select texture export types.

Editing Lights color.

Editing Fly Speed.



テクスチャ書き出し方式(Export Texture)は

"No" テクスチャ書き出さない。

"As Image File"画像ファイルとして書き出す。

"As JS File" JAVASCRIPTファイルに書き出す。


"ONE_FILE”かつ"As JS File"を選択して書き出せば、htmlファイル一つでも持ち運べる。


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  • #1

    byron (土曜日, 26 12月 2015 18:53)

    hello t2h:
    Could I ask you aquestion?I research the three.js recently ,too,before see your "T2H_EXPORT_WEBGL",I load *.dae to three.js,but it is slow ,I have to open the
    *.html by useing firefox.However ,when I see your plugins ,I 'm really happy, but there is a problem ,because I want to new a WebDialog in Sketchup,and directly open the *.html in Sketchup ,if so,I need't see the result outside Sketchup ,but it can't work,Can you tell me how to do it?

  • #2

    Tak2hata (火曜日, 05 1月 2016 17:26)

    The webdialog is not support webgl.
    So it does not work well in webdialog.

  • #3

    lxx (木曜日, 07 1月 2016 00:43)

    hello t2h:
    I open the html file exported by your plugin with IE. But it doesn't work. Is it beacause that the IE browser is not support webgl or other reason?

  • #4

    T2h (木曜日, 07 1月 2016)

    IE version 11 higher is support webgl.
    The other version is not.
    And I think,iIE Can not support large file .
    Please use chrome or Firefox.

  • #5

    lxx (月曜日, 11 1月 2016 18:38)

    hi! t2h
    I have a question to ask you .
    I want to translate some plugins and move their menu item into a same submenu such as "collections", but when I modify the code { UI.menu("Plugins").add_submenu("xxxx") } to { UI.menu("Plugins").add_submenu("collections") } of two different plugins and restart SketchUp, there exist two "collections" submenu in plugins menu. I just need one
    "collections" submenu, how to make it?
    I have no one to ask except you,hope for your reply!

  • #6

    Tak2hata (火曜日, 12 1月 2016 08:11)

    I do not write like you think.
    This is not recommend.
    Use global variable for submenu.
    And this must be written in the script read firstly.

  • #7

    lxx (木曜日, 14 1月 2016 02:24)

    hi! t2h
    These days, I tried your Component Placer plugin in su2015, it's very nice. But I found some problems: the clear dialog didn't work and couldn't select a folder includ Chinese characters in Version 1.2, But Version 1.0 doesn't have The latter problem it can select a folder includ Chinese characters. forgive my poor English.
    Do you have any plans to improve or fix this plugin?

  • #8

    TAK2HATA (土曜日, 16 1月 2016 16:16)

    I have no plan.
    But I will fix the special character problem.
    Please wait for a month.

  • #9

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  • #10

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  • #11

    Enrique Urquijo (金曜日, 12 10月 2018 14:58)

    Thanks, I find the plugin excellent.
    I would like to know if there is any way to activate or deactivate layers, individually each, in the menu generated when exporting webgl.
    Thanks again.



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