I update webgl exporter.

Update to v0.9.9.

#2016/01/06 - Modified by TAK2HATA.AlphaTest Add.

#2016/01/24 - Modified by TAK2HATA.Improve Scene Select.

#2016/01/29 - Modified by TAK2HATA.Camera FOV support.Able to run on IE.Select showing axes.



Wait for this spring.

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    Rocaextra (土曜日, 30 4月 2016 18:17)

    Great job your webgl exporter! Any version for SU8? ;)

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    Irwan (月曜日, 25 7月 2016 09:28)

    Hi, Tak2hata

    I am one of your sketchup plugins fans.
    May I ask you why Hole On Solid doesn't work properly anymore in SketchUp 2015?
    Thank you for your time,




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