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    TAK2HATA (月曜日, 21 3月 2016 21:13)

    Sorry,I forgotten my homepage.

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    kam (日曜日, 06 3月 2016 00:16)

    I saw your computer applications .... are very interesting .
    I think it would be great if you joined to create a plugin WebGL pathtracer x sketchup .
    Good luck!

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    Tak2hata (月曜日, 01 2月 2016 14:53)

    There are no bug on sketch up.
    IFC is not supported in building structure tool.
    Imported ifc data is very different from building structure tool data.

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    TAK2HATA (日曜日, 31 1月 2016 14:47)

    Now I writen code of the webgl exporter.
    I am tired.
    I will fix the problem on Building Structure Tool for a month.
    Please wait.

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    Toto (水曜日, 27 1月 2016 15:37)

    Hi, In your Building Structure Tool plugin is very easy, for example, extent a column to a inclined roof beam with trim and it's awesome, but when I try this whith ifc imported objects do not works, do you have a tool to do this?

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    José Osvaldo Henrique (木曜日, 26 2月 2015 17:12)

    Thanks sketchup-onigiri
    I don´t know IES is not supported by mitsuba.

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    sketchup-onigiri (火曜日, 24 2月 2015 23:06)

    I am too busy,so I have not time to make tutorial of material edit on mitsuba exporter.

    Short advice.
    The conductor material with coating looks like carpaint.
    Set opacity on sketchup material editor,
    That material will transparent.
    IES is not supported by mitsuba.
    Sorry for too lately reply.

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    José Osvaldo Henrique (金曜日, 20 2月 2015 23:57)

    When we lamps marked IES ?

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    José Osvaldo Henrique (金曜日, 20 2月 2015 23:51)

    I'm using Mitsuba for Sketchup and is very good .
    I would like to know if there is any written material to teach how the editing materials. Taking advantage of , how do I edit car stuff ( car paint and curtain)

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    sketchup-onigiri (日曜日, 19 10月 2014 19:09)

    I knew that new redqueen.
    It is interesting.
    But there is no document for readable format.
    So I can not create exporter.

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    Stefan Claas (日曜日, 19 10月 2014 04:21)

    Hi tak2hata-san,

    i remember from long time ago that there was also a redqueen exporter for SketchUp available. Would you consider adding it again for the SketchUp exporter?

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    sketchup-onigiri (火曜日, 23 9月 2014 23:23)

    Thank for using my plugin.
    I understand your opinion.
    Mitsuba Exporter UI is created with HTML/Javascript.
    But I am not good at HTML/Javascript.
    And HTML/Javascript is not Blender Python.
    So It can not become same style as blender.
    Sorry for my poor Javascript skill.

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    nazri (火曜日, 23 9月 2014 13:38)

    hai tak2hata, I love/admire your work especially the exporter.
    I'm hopping that you can make the exporter in one(1) window e.g. blender.
    that way it will not cluttered.

    thank you.
    nazri from malaysia
    p/s : is there a way to make other sketchup toolbar like
    material, layer, exporter or plugin in one(1) window and
    can dock on side panel also like blender.
    Sorry for my english and request a lot.



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